RocketCap operates this web site. He comes to the financial world after a long career in the electronics industry, in which he was an engineer, executive, deal maker and consultant. Currently he applies his know-how in technology, business, economics and strategy to  invest for his own portfolio. That means he tries to imagine “what could happen” and look for ways to capitalize on promising trends. It’s all about the Adjacent Possible.

RocketCap discovered his interest and skill in financial engineering and investing while serving as Director of Corporate Business Development for a major semiconductor company. In that role, he led and participated in many Merger/Acquisition and licensing deals. In the process, he invented a financial engineering solution to valuation problems in technology licensing. He was the first to use “real options” in licensing deals to manage risk and value in transactions. As a consultant during the last ten years, he has participated in a variety of financial transactions in M&A, venture capital, and licensing.

In other words, he has become a Rocket Science Capitalist!



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