American Nomenklatura

Posted on July 27th, 2015 by admin in Politics

Dr. Anthony Codevilla, formerly an intelligence analyst for US government and a professor, wrote a very insightful piece today that has explanatory power to understand the Donald Trump phenomenon:

Here is my own, much shorter spin:
America has a Ruling Class, and national politicians all are careful to not get too aggressive in criticizing members or its goals. Except for Donald Trump. The reason he gets away with it, even including his attack on John McCain’s heroism, is that people want to have heroes who are winners, not those fighting wars constrained by Politically Correct Rules of Engagement, as were Vietnam and Iraq.

The sheer size of government guarantees massive performance  failures because of the complexity amplification of generalized bureaucratic incompetence and malevolence. However, what more pointedly describes the current breakdown in so much of American life is actually better explained by examining the damage done by the Ruling Class to the middle class.

Sometimes, the Ruling class is called the establishment, and consists of both political parties. But an even better term is the Russian word “nomenklatura” (номенклату́ра), which describes the tiny class of people in the Soviet Union who personally and greedily benefited from ruling over the masses. For example, when shortages of food and basic household goods existed, members of the nomenklatura could get those as well as luxury items in special Soviet provided shops. While the USA’s own Ruling Class doesn’t need special stores, it gains from having laws crafted to support it’s own power and money making. That’s why regulations take over 80000 pages to simply list.
This situation explains the appeal of Donald Trump. He is one of the few people in USA who is individually powerful enough to truly Speak Truth to Power. The masses are loving it!

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