Dr. Black Swan Suggests How to Build Economy 2.0

Posted on April 9th, 2009 by admin in Political Economy

Dr. Nassim Taleb (the author of The Black Swan) and hedge fund manager has come up with something more constructive than his usual public indignation about the financial meltdown. Here, he suggests what to do to repair the damage from numerous financial Black Swan Events, and how to prevent new ones . He offers a list of ten relatively coherent ideas:

Dr. Taleb’s Economic Black Swan Avoidance Ideas

It’s too bad that these ideas are also too vague to lead to clear action now. But they point to the need to treat the economy much more as a dynamic  system than as a set of linked transactions. If these points lead to serious discussion and analysis, they will have served a great purpose.

This list, BTW, has attracted  attention from other bloggers, understandibly, since Taleb is so interesting and relevant. For example, check this posting by Random Roger:

Nassim Taleb’s Ten Principles

(This list originally emerged at Financial Times, behind a pay-to-read wall. )

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