Intellectual Property Leadership of Smart Grid Business

Posted on May 24th, 2010 by admin in Smart Grid

One of the 800 pound gorillas in the room of smart grid discussion is named “technology advantage”. It’s by no means obvious which firms, vendors or utilities, have technology leadership, let alone any dominance in intellectual property (patents and patent portfolios). Who is the IP leader in the Smart Grid world?

Dr. Ruth Fisher, who’s a specialist in IP analysis and competition, and I decided to find out. This is one of those deals in which one says “If I had any idea what this would lead to….”  We compiled an initial list of 23,000 US patents from an online, subscription database called WIPS. We filtered them down to 3000 patents which we further analyzed. We (mainly Ruth)  literally read the summary page and first claim for all 23,000 patents. By our readings we placed each patent into at least one NIST standard technology category. Then we sliced and diced the categories, patents and owners.

All of this work was designed to identify the IP leaders in smart grid technology.

The results will surprise you. Read the report here:

Who Is the Smart Grid Technology Leader?

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