Two of investors’ biggest concerns revolve around these questions:

“How can I choose financial securities to grow sufficiently to meet my expectations, yet allow me to tolerate the required level of risk?”

“Given my lifestyle and investing assumptions, when will my money run out?”

RocketCap has developed investment tools that we use to address these concerns.

First, we offer the Portfolio Diversification X-Ray(sm) (PDX). The PDX helps create portfolios of securities that are truly diversified. Diversification is the core method by which investors can build a portfolio with tolerable risks.

Second, we offer our Cash Flow Projection Tool (CFpro). This tool uses client assumptions to calculate how various withdrawal strategies affect the longevity of client resources.

Third, we provide a summary of the Core Investment Process.

Fourth, we provide a major, new analysis of the Safe Withdrawal Rate (SWR). This tool supports those who want to see the implications of their beliefs on the future on their retirement account balance and investment strategy. The innovation in our method is to directly incorporate the investor’s own beliefs about the future to determine the optimum SWR.

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