John Mauldin Says Fed Will Most Likely Get Exit Strategy Wrong

Posted on August 25th, 2009 by admin in How to Invest

Yes, John Mauldin has been saying for months, as we have, that the Fed’s timing to withdraw the massive money it printed will almost certainly be wrong. In his latest “Outside the Box”, 24 AUG 09, Mauldin says:

“There is the strong possibility that policy makers in the US and UK will not time the transition from the current quantitative easing to a more tightened monetary policy. That is not because they are no competent. It is because the task is very tricky and there is no play book outlining the steps. This is not Tom Landry (former Dallas Cowboy coach) pacing the field with a play for every situation already planned and practiced well in advance.

The odds favor they will either be too late or too early. Getting it “just right.” The Goldilocks play, would be more than fortunate. In fact, there may be no right play to call. They may be forced to choose between a slower economy and/or inflation/deflation. And as this week’s Outside the Box authors note, there is also the possibility of yet another asset bubble, making the choices even more risky.”

See full text here

Of course, we have written about this looming disaster, and proposed some specific ways investors can prepare for it. See, for example:

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