M&A Transaction Changes the Smart Grid Game

Posted on June 2nd, 2009 by admin in Smart Grid

Trilliant Inc. announced on 28 MAY 09 they had acquired startup firm SkyPilot Networks, Inc. Trilliant, which is itself a startup, thus obtained WiFi based technology for mesh networking and fills a gap in its system offerings.

This acquisition is important for the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) business within the Smart Grid industry for two primary reasons:

  1. The move positions Trilliant to provide complete system-level wireless communciation for utilities  that use Smart Meters for their customers. Since the variety of customer and utility applications will generate far more traffic than presently seen, this full capability will become necessary for vendors to offer every utility using Smart Meters. All wireless vendors for Smart Meter systems will feel pressure to have bandwidth offerings supporting very low speed data all the way to broadband data.
  2. The acquisition also signals a shift by wireless mesh network vendors away from cash-poor municipal governments trying to give “free”  WiFi services for their denizens. Instead, the mesh vendors can target utilities who actually have money to buy systems for the inevitable progression of AMI. (AMI incorporates the communcation and control systems required to  support customers’ new and very useful applications based on Smart Meters.)

We will have follow-up in-depth stories about this market and technology trend.

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