NWO Collection Slightly Improves After 2 Weeks; Clean Energy and Infrastructure Gain

Posted on April 2nd, 2009 by admin in How to Invest

We re-analyzed our New World Order (NWO) composite on 31 MAR 09, two weeks after we introduced it, and found a substantial improvement in ROI, even though it still is negative, with a relatively unchanged risk and diversification. While it’s not intended to be a “portfolio”, it’s still interesting to see how these NWO securities behave collectively and individually. We will track this collection as we plow forward with the construction of the New World Order.

The top image is the original from 3-13-09 and the botom is for 3-31-09.

PDX of NWO Collection, 3-13-09

New World Order Collection, 3-13-09

New World Order Collection, 3-31-09

New World Order Collection, 3-31-09

Most notably, consider the three equity ETF ideas that might gain from Obama’s spending: clean energy (PBW), global infrastructure (IGF) and health care (XLV). PBW and IGF both had substantial gains in ROI ( though they still are quite negative annualized), XLF was essentially the same. For all three, volatilities remained about the same. Directionally, speaking, this is progress!

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