Obama’s Re-election Strategy: Debt-Denial and Comfort Spending

Posted on March 11th, 2011 by admin in Political Economy

The behavior of the Democrats usually defies my understanding. I kept asking myself why they persist in calling for tiny budget cuts (e.g. millions, billions) in the face of trillions of dollars of debt. No rational person would engage in such a conversation without another world view. It’s possible that Democrats actually believe they can stimulate job growth without seriously reducing the debt load, and they do claim the Republicans want to reduce debt without stimulating job growth. But this DEM belief is completely without empirical merit.

So are the Democrats just stupid as a group, unable to see reality or recklessly uncaring? I say they are not stupid, but they are so ideological as to be blind, and they suffer power lust. Even worse, as Charles Krauthammer writes, they are also deeply cynical. He says the Democrats want to pander to Americans and cut spending only minimally, in hopes such false largess will gain victory for The OBAMA! on 2012.

As Krauthammer writes below, The OBAMA! actually is denying there is any budget problem, hoping this Big Lie will help Him get re-elected!

“On Tuesday, Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia denounced Obama for lack of leadership on the debt. It’s worse than that. Obama is showing leadership. With Lew’s preposterous claim that Social Security is solvent for 26 years, Obama is preparing to lead the charge against entitlement reform as his ticket to reelection.”

Read the whole article here:

Charles Krauthammer: “Et Tu, Jack Lew?”


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