Proof that U.S. Voters are not Critical Thinkers

Posted on April 21st, 2014 by admin in Culture and Consumerism, Demographics, Political Economy

On 8 APR 14, The OBAMA! said this:

The average full time working woman earns just 77 cents for every dollar a man earns.

This claim has been made by Democrats more frequently this year, but it’s an old claim that sticks around. If this were actually true, it couldn’t possibly last very long, because every sentient employer would immediately hire women to do men’s work at only 77% of the men’s cost! This would increase the number of women working and reduce the number of men. Of course this actin doesn’t happen and the 77% claim is grossly wrong.

But the voting class doesn’t see this at all and continues to bovinely accept The OBAMA!’s silly and divisive claim.


2 Comments on “Proof that U.S. Voters are not Critical Thinkers”

  1. John

    Don’t discredit yourself. If men are perceived as 30% more valuable than women, why would they deliberately hire less capability? Leave simplistic analysis to Rush

  2. Rocketcap

    The political claim is that the men and women are equal but women get 77% of male pay. So capabilities are equal by assumption. Thus, there is no difference in “value” (that’s the whole point!), and the parts are interchangeable, so employers would choose the cheaper ones if the 77% claim were true empirically.

    But they don’t.

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