RocketCap Changes its Mission

Posted on October 8th, 2010 by admin in Political Economy, Uncategorized

As a result of the new, 2500 page regulatory monstrosity passed by The OBAMA! regime (“the Dodd-Frank bill”), the SEC has issued new rules for Registered Investment Advisors, among others. Most states have adopted these new rules for RIAs as well. The result: expensive, massive, burdensome and complicated changes to the existing massive, burdensome and complicated regulations for RIAs.

We have decided to withdraw from the field. Thus, we have filed a request with California to cancel Rocket Science Capital Advisors, LLC, to ensure no further taxes must be paid on that entity. The RIA certificate will also lapse.

The effect on this blog will be to expand the range of topics and forms of expression.

We are now The Rocket Science Capitalist–still known as RocketCap.

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