RocketCap Cyberwar and IP Stock Indexes, 3-31-13 (RCWSI and RIPSI)

Posted on March 30th, 2013 by admin in Intellectual Property, Market Indexes

Here are our stock market special indexes for the three  and twelve month periods ending on 31 MAR 13:

RocketCap Stock Indexes, Periods Ending 31 MAR 13

RocketCap Stock Indexes,
3 Months Ending 3-31-13









Gross Returns 12 mon

RocketCap Stock Indexes,
12 Months Ending 3-31-13









It looks like the returns for the cyberwar index, RCWSI, jumped dramatically over the past three months. This may well correlate with the announcements by the USA government that China has been directly attacking USA with various cyber-actions, and that USA plans to directly attack back…ie, to defend itself via offensive cyberattacks of its own.

The correlation matrices are:












The Cyber and IP indexes became less correlated for the 3 months ending 3-28-13 compared to the three months ending 2-28-13.

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