The Fed’s Stated Exit Strategy: Bernanke Avoids the Hard Part

Posted on July 21st, 2009 by admin in How to Invest

Ben Bernanke published an Op-Ed in the Wall St. Journal this morning, in which he explained all the Fed’s tactics available to reduce it’s balance sheet and prevent inflation:

Bernanke Article in WSJ, 7-21-09

He concludes by saying:

Overall, the Federal Reserve has many effective tools to tighten monetary policy when the economic outlook requires us to do so. As my colleagues and I have stated, however, economic conditions are not likely to warrant tighter monetary policy for an extended period. We will calibrate the timing and pace of any future tightening, together with the mix of tools to best foster our dual objectives of maximum employment and price stability.

The only problem with all this is what he failed to address: how to get the timing right. All his tools are good ones, but the entire challenge is to start using them at best time. He can err by starting too soon, and slow growth, or too late, and enable inflation to squirt loose.

How can he get it right?

No answer. So in self-defense, take anti-inflation positions, while their prices are relatively low.

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