U.N. Threatens Power Grab by Dictators Over the Internet

Posted on June 18th, 2012 by admin in Geo-Politics, Political Economy

Vint Cerf wrote his Ph.D. thesis at UCLA about a protocol (“TCP/IP”) he invented for network communication over the ARPAnet. That protocol now forms the basis for all of the Internet architecture. So he is clearly a major participant in designing the Internet.

Now Vint Cerf  has called out the U.N. in a major warning to those who love Internet freedom. The situation is described in the 18 JUNE 2012 Wall St. Journal. Author L. Gordon Crovitz says in his piece:

 The failure by U.S. negotiators to stop attacks on the Internet became known only through documents leaked last week. They concern a U.N. agency known as the International Telecommunications Union. Founded in 1865 to regulate the telegraph, the body (now part of the U.N.) is planning a World Conference on International Telecommunications in December, when the 193 U.N. member countries, each of which has a single vote, could use the International Telecommunications Regulations to take control of the Internet. The U.N. process is mind-numbing, but as Vincent Cerf, one of the founders of the Web, recently told Congress, this U.N. involvement means “the open Internet has never been at a higher risk than it is now.”

Oddly enough, the danger is now being better understood by the average voter as a result of a web site created to solicit “leaks” from the secret U.N. deliberations. A trove of documents described how authoritarian regimes, such as China, Russia and Iran, are secretly crafting a document that would give strong controls over Internet content and access to a U.N. body.

According to many writers, including Crovitz, the USA is doing very little to resist this power grab. Crovitz concludes his article with this:

It may be hard for the billions of Web users or the optimists of Silicon Valley to believe that an obscure agency of the U.N. can threaten their Internet, but authoritarian regimes are busy lobbying a majority of the U.N. members to vote their way. The leaked documents disclose a U.S. side that has hardly begun to fight back. That’s no way to win this war.

What is the Obama administration doing to stop this dangerous takeover attempt?





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